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Weeks 3-5 (Oct. 24 – Nov. 10)

I’m on a new level of exhaustion like I never thought I’d be this tired. But block 2 ended today (Friday, November 10) and I’m happy to say, I passed this block! This block is called Health Assessment and we learned how to assess a normal adult. “Normal” is the key word because we only focused on the normal range values. We learned a lot of new techniques like taking vitals (temp, manual blood pressure, O2 saturation), feeling for pulses, listening to heart/lung/abdomen sounds and more! It felt nice to be learning “real nursing” things. For today’s post, I thought I’d highlight some of the things that happened this block.

Something new about this block was lab! I had lab every morning from 8 AM til 11 AM where we learned those new techniques I mentioned above. The first day of lab, we learned how to do vitals and one of the new techniques I learned was taking blood pressure manually. That was one of the most stressful things for me because I couldn’t get it right. I couldn’t hear the “sounds” you were supposed to hear and I was afraid that I couldn’t get it right. Luckily, google has some snazzy online simulations that you can practice with. I played around with the simulations and the next day, I walked into lab feeling more confident knowing what I was supposed to hear. The professors were also really helpful and encouraging! They reassured us that we’d improve over time and they were right. I never thought I’d be able to take blood pressure manually. It’s a great feeling, ya feel?

We also had to do presentations in lab. We were assigned partners/topics and each day a different group would present the assigned technique. My partner and I were assigned cardiac assessment, respiratory assessment, and peripheral vascular system assessment. We were required to make a handout and present how to do the assessment on a normal adult to our classmates. Our presentation included inspecting (looking), palpating (touching) and auscultating (listening) to each of the systems. We also borrowed one of our classmates and placed stickers on him to demonstrate where to put the stethoscope. It was terrifying! Public speaking and I are not on a speaking terms at the moment. Just imagine learning something two days prior and then trying to teach it to a bunch of students who are just as lost as you.. OOF. that was nerve wrecking.

I also experienced my first Simulation lab. It was on the last week of block 2 and I feel like it was a big “wrap up” of everything we’ve learned in lab. I think the most fun part about simulation lab was how realistic it felt. While I was in the room with the mannequin, I was so nervous but once I started talking, I got less nervous. Hopefully one day, there won’t be 52 pairs of eyes watching me do the procedure…maybe just 6 pairs of eyes but anyways, it was a great experience. It wasn’t graded so that was relieving. I just walked into the room, did what I thought was right, and walked out. I still don’t know if I did it right but let’s just hope so. One thing I learned is, if you’re wearing scrubs and you say things in a confident tone, people will believe you. LOL it’s true. ALSO, those simulation mannequins are so high tech these days. He had a pulse, a blood pressure, you could see him breathing, AND he was blinking. Not going to lie, it was a bit creepy but I got through it and it was one of the highlights of this block.

The scariest part about this block was the video assessment. A video assessment is basically a person filming you while you perform the techniques outlined in the rubric provided. For this block, we were required to do an assessment on a healthy adult. My mentor emailed us her script for the video assessment so I definitely used that to my advantage but changed things up to my liking. We practiced almost everyday and I attended every open lab to practice practice practice. I also practiced in the car out loud and talked to myself like a crazy person. But it definitely paid off because on assessment day, I wasn’t really nervous. I was mostly nervous before the camera turned on but once the camera turned on and I started talking, all the nervousness went away and I knew what I was doing. I kind of just shut the camera out and focused on the patient in front of me. We had to watch our video and grade it ourselves. And let me tell you, I WAS SO ANNOYED WITH MY DERPY SELF. AND MY VOICE LIKE OHMERGERD TIFFANY YOU’RE SO ANNOYING. haha But in the end, I accidentally left out two things but it’s okay, I still passed the video assessment! 🙂

AND finally… the big final written assessment. Our assessment was at 7:30 in the morning and it was pretty stressful. Block 2 was a lot of information. It included a lot of techniques but it also outlined some diseases and abnormalities. Now, the exam focused on “normals” but there is A LOT of normals in this block. So what exactly are we supposed to know? The professors put on a lot of webinars/live reviews but a lot of them touched on the basics like vital signs and the nursing process. So, what do we focus on? I mean in reality, we have to know everything to be an outstanding nurse but for this exam’s sake…and our ability to stay in this program, we all really wanted to know what we were going to be tested on. OOF, the night before the exam was a very stressful one. Exam morning came and it was pretty much a “here goes nothing”.

60 questions..90 minutes.. lets do this.

I’ve never been so unsure of anything in my life. I was so focused on the exam that I couldn’t even recall half the questions after the exam. So we did the whole exam process my school does and at the end, the professor announced that we all passed the exam. We literally all stared at her with a confused face. I personally thought she was kidding. But nope, she wasn’t. We really did all pass so… BYE FELICIA!

But overall, I really enjoyed this block. It was definitely more hardcore than block 1 and I am overly exhausted to the point where I take deep-sleep naps and wake up not knowing what day it is or where I am. (Tiffany is oriented x0). I feel like every time I finish and pass a block, it’s like jumping over a hurdle. Hopefully, all the way to graduation and passing the NCLEX.

Now that I’m looking back, this block was doable and I’m still proceeding into block 3: fundamentals of nursing. This should be a good one. It’s funny cause every time the professor sends out a new calendar, I print it out and stare at it cause everything is so freaking confusing. But once the course gets going, it starts making sense. And then the panic starts happening….

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my block 2 reflection and learned a little bit about what my nursing program is like. A little reminder that this nursing program is accelerated so it’s sped up like crazy but as you can see, if this dysfunctional girl (me) can handle it, you can too. It’s only going to get harder from here but I think if we take it one step at a time, everything will be okay.

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4 thoughts on “THE ROAD TO R.N.// WEEKS 3-5 // LETIFFANYSHOW ✨

  1. Tiff! Ok no lie I’m a bit terrified about applying for nursing school bc I start to think, “what if I can’t make it,” or “what if it’s too hard to handle.” But this makes me even more sure that I want to do this bc I know someone who’s going through the same struggle, but is overcoming it. Thanks sis! I can’t wai to hear your future posts!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg. Cristian!!! Don’t you ever think like that! You are more than capable of doing this. Honestly, i felt the same way before applying but you gotta take that leap of faith and just do it. I’m literally terrified everyday cause I dont know what’s next but that’s the fun part right? haha! Don’t be afraid to message me or anything if you want to talk about it! ❤ And thank you so much for reading this and commenting! I'm glad it's helping you! ❤


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