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SIM lab is a place where all dreams go to die. Kidding. But I may or may not be traumatized by my SIM lab experience.

Welcome back to my blog! I participated in a SIM lab and I thought I’d write about my experiences and reflect on what I would have done different. Grab a snack because this is going to be a long one…


Simulation lab (SIM lab for short) is an activity we have in nursing school where we’re put in a room that mimics a hospital room with a SIM mannequin that mimics a human. It’s pretty cool cause the mannequin has respirations, has a pulse, and it talks! Well, the professor and the IT master control the mannequin in the control room but it’s amazing how much technology we have these days. So basically, the professor gives us a scenario, picks 2 student nurses to go in the room to do the simulation while the rest of the group sits in a different room and watch them do their thang on a big screen tv. I’ve done this before but this time, it was bad…

For some reason, I had a feeling my professor was going to pick me so I studied up on the topic. We knew it was going to be on Pulmonary Embolism (PE) so I focused on PE the night before when I was studying for my exam and reviewed before the lab. That way, if she picked me, I wouldn’t be completely clueless on the nursing interventions and what to do when your patient is having a difficult time.When she picked me, I was super nervous but I was like, ok I got this, lets do this. I have nothing to lose but some dignity (LOL)…

And… I don’t got it.

You see, the thing about these simulation labs is that you think you know what you’re going to do but the moment you go into the room, its like you forget everything nursing. Not only you have pressure of saving the SIM patient but also in the back of your mind, you have at least 8 pairs of eyes watching you. It’s a lot of pressure! So the moment my patient said, I CAN’T BREATHE and I’M IN PAIN, my mind completely blanked. And as we assessed the patient even further, his HR kept going up and his oxygen saturation kept going down. He was crashing and I blanked even more. The worst part was, the SIM patient said he was in pain and I administered morphine without checking the computer for orders or calling the provider. *facepalm* In the moment, I was thinking, “okay he’s in pain, pain is a priority, I should relieve his pain.” But in reality, WHY DID I DO THAT?! I KNOW BETTER. -.-  I guess on the bright side, I did hand hygiene and wore gloves lol … i guess. *facepalm* why…

I knew the end product was the patient had a Pulmonary Embolism because it said on the schedule but the point of this simulation was to get from point A to the end product. It’s like this large puzzle and you have to somehow put together their symptoms (the puzzle pieces) and then notify the doctor and try to relieve the problem. This is exactly what nurses do in real life! So when I failed, I felt really bad about it and guilty. Like why couldn’t I do it? and WHY DID I GIVE MORPHINE WITHOUT CHECKING FOR ORDERS?! GOODNESS. *more facepalm*

I think the hardest part was hearing all the “you should have, could have” done _____ from my peers. It is a learning experience but honestly, all i wanted to say to them was, “you don’t know what it was like until you’re in there”. I’ve definitely been in the viewing room and in my head I’m shouting like omg you should be doing this why are you doing that? like its a TV show but when you’re in there, it’s completely different. I was low key crying during the whole debrief because 1) I’m emotional 2) I was beating myself up for the dumb things I did in there. I know better and I know I could have done better but it is what it is and on the bright side, it’s a mannequin and he’s fine…I think…

What I would do differently is call the provider as soon as his vital signs started to deteriorate. The sooner I get the doctor’s orders, the sooner I can implement them and help the patient relieve the symptoms and prevent his condition from worsening.

I can literally write a book called “things you shouldn’t do as a nurse” based on my actions in the SIM lab that haha it was horrible. But again, I learned from my lesson and I hope my peers did too lol “this is what you shouldn’t do in a situation like this” 🙂 AND thank goodness they didn’t make me watch myself fail. That would have been even more traumatizing LOL I laugh about it now but man, during and after the simulation lab, I was a mess. sigh…

Anyways, that’s pretty much it for this blog post. If you guys have any stories from nursing school or even as a real nurse, comment them down below and we can laugh or cry about it together!

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Signing off from this blog post… I hope you have a beautiful day and don’t forget to shine bright, you’re beautiful. Thanks for reading!


Peace out.✌

❤ , TIFF

Real Nurse (R.N.) in the making.


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