DIY Overnight Oats


Happy Monday, friends!

School has started and all I want to do is sleep. But sadly, I can’t do that. What I can do though is EAT. 😀 For all you busy college students, here is a very very veryyyy easy recipe for you! May I present to you… OVERNIGHT OATS!

What you will need:

  • Oats (however much you think you’ll eat the next day)
  • 2 tsp of Chia seeds (for extra protein)
  • Your choice of milk (I put almond milk)
  • A mason jar with a lid
  • 2 tsp of some kind of sweetener (I added maple syrup)


Throw everything into the jar and add your choice of milk. Make sure the milk covers the oats pretty well. Cover and shake! Leave it in the refrigerator over night and BAM. The next morning, you have a delicious and fast breakfast.

The great thing is you can take this to class…to work…. You’d be that cool kid eating out of a mason jar during lecture. 😉

I encourage you to try this recipe out and let me know. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below. Have a beautiful week, friends.

❤ , Tiff

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Get to know me tag :)

Hi friends 🙂

Today I thought I would do the 25 questions tag! Lets dig right in!

  1. What is your middle name? Fei Wen. lol It’s my chinese name. I forgot what it meant tho… #fail
  2. What was your favorite subject at school? i really enjoyed learning about biology. I am a human biology major in college and it’s hard but I made it this far…
  3. What is your favorite drink? My favorite drink is the green tea latte or the peach green tea lemonade from starbae <3.
  4. What is your favorite song at the moment? I’ve been listening to Ryan Adams’ cover of Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift. Listen here. It’s so good! ❤
  5. What is your favorite food? My favorite food or thing to eat are potatoes. I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with potatoes!
  6. What is the last thing you bought? I recently got into planning so I have been buying a butt load of washi tapes and scrapbook paper to decorate my planner with. 😀
  7. What is your favorite book of all time? Ugh. I hate myself for this but ever since I got to college, I haven’t been reading for fun. Most of the things I’ve read are assignments.
  8. What is your favorite color? Teal, Mint blue, pastels, grey!, black…
  9. Do you have any pets? Sadly no… but maybe one day! 🙂 I really want a corgi..
  10. What is your favorite perfume? Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber from Bath and Body Works. It’s not available anymore :[
  11. What is your favorite holiday? Is my birthday a holiday? lol just kidding… I would have to say….thanksgiving because I get to get my grub on and hang out with friends and family.
  12. Are you married? lol no.
  13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times? Yes and er… 6-ish times? I’ve been to Taiwan, China, Japan, Mexico and Canada.
  14. Do you speak any other languages? Yes! I speak fluent Taiwanese, okay Mandarin (unless i’m under pressure) and spanglish!
  15. How many siblings do you have? One. I have an older brother who is 6 years older than me.
  16. What is your favorite store? Probably Gap or forever 21
  17. What is your favorite restaurant? Anywhere with amazing carne asada tacos and carne asada fries!!!
  18. Did you like high school? Sorta? I feel like high school was really really long. My favorite part of high school was my friends and my sport. I ran crosscountry and I love my team!
  19. What is your favorite youtube channel? I love Weylie’s beauty channel, ilikeweylie. I also love her and Wah’s vlog channel, wahlieTV. They are basically #goals. I hope I get to meet them one day. I’d probably fangirl a little too hard. haha
  20. What is your favorite Movie? My favorite movie… lol Frozen. LET IT GOOOOO LET IT GOOOO CAN’T HOLD IT BACK ANYMOARRRRR. 😀
  21. What are some of your favorite TV shows? I’ve been really loving the superhero-ish TV shows on Netflix like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, the Flash and Arrow. I also recently binge watched all four seasons of Prison Break.
  22. PC or MAC? MAC all the way ❤
  23. What phone do you have? I have the iPhone 6 in goldddd
  24. How tall are you? I‘m 5’3 and a half. But I like to round up to 5’4″ 😉
  25. Can you cook? yasssss ❤ Well, I haven’t exploded anything yet 🙂 I will probably upload some recipes soon, so look out for that!

Welp, that was exciting… 🙂 Hope you enjoyed getting to know me!

Hope you have an amazing day and I will talk to you soon!

❤ , Tiff

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Whats in my travel makeup bag?


Hello friends 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I got really busy with school work and kept putting it off but here i am! …a year-ish later…

I am on winter break at the moment and most of my makeup is back at school. So today, I thought I would show you what is in my travel make up bag.

Lets dig right in! *Wheeeeee*

Starting with mah face, I have my moisturizer, primer, foundation, under eye concealer, powder, bronzer and blush. The moisturizer I use is the Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 15. I love this moisturizer because it has that SPF I need to protect me from le sun. Next, my primer, foundation (in the shade Medium Beige) and under eye concealer (in Neutralizer) are from Maybelline. The bronzer and powder are both from Rimmel London and they work really well for my skin. The powder gives me a matte finish and the bronzer gives me that subtle glow I like. Finally, my blush/highlighter is from Physicians Formula. I don’t always use this but when I want that extra sparkle, I slap it on using my powder brush and BAM. Sparklezzzz 😀

I am very simple when it comes to eyes. All I really use is mascara, brow gel and sometimes eyeliner. (It’s because I tend to rub my eyes and end up with Panda eyes…ewwww…) My two favorite mascaras at the moment are the L’oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara (in blackest black) and the Lash Stiletto from Maybelline (in VERY black). My go to liquid eyeliner is from MAC and was a gift from my best friend. ❤ It’s called the Rapidblack Penultimate Eye Liner…what a fancy name! This eyeliner is alright… it kind of dried out quickly and the line isn’t as dark anymore. Finally, the eyebrow gel is the Brow drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in deep brown. It’s the only thing I need to keep my eyebrows in place and on fleek. Well, I like to think my brows are on fleek. Lolz they’re probably not. Okay moving on.

Finally, these are the tools I bring with me. My favorite thing to use to slap my foundation on is that orange sponge you see over there. It’s the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion SpongeGirl, let me tell you.. This sponge is …a MIRACLE! Put away that foundation brush and try this orange sponge because it gives you a nice dewey look and trust. me. you will never look back! Did I mention it’s very affordable @ $6.99!? Ulta always has sales and right now they are buy 1 get 1 FREEEEEE! Ok moving on to my face brushes. From left to right, Eco Tools Bamboo Powder Brush, Real Techniques Powder brush and Eco Tools Bamboo Bronzer BrushThese brushes get the job done. The brushes are really really soft (especially the Real Technique brushes) and I highly recommend them and you are in the market for affordable makeup brushes. Again, these brushes are  buy 1 get 1 FREEEEEE at Ulta! 🙂

And that is what’s in my travel make up bag. Let me know what your travel essentials are!!  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment!

Hope you have a beautiful and wonderful week!

❤ , Tiff

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Quote of the week | 1.12.2015

New quotes will be posted every Sunday to keep you motivated for the week! Sorry this one is kind of late. I went on a trip to Las Vegas this past weekend and didn’t get back until today (Monday).

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” -Audrey Hepburn

Back in high school, this was my senior quote. At that time, it was a important quote to me because I had trouble getting the grades to get into college. All of my friends had really good grades and I was slacking behind. I was afraid that it was impossible to get into college. When I received my first acceptance letter, I realized that nothing is impossible. I could do anything I put my heart into and so can you! Go out there and try because if you don’t try, you’ll never know. 🙂

Hope you have a beautiful and wonderful week!

❤ , Tiff

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Favorite 14 things of 2014

It’s finally 2015! Whew, that’s gonna take a while to get used to..In 2014, I started to wear more makeup and experiment with more products. Today, I’m going to show you 14 things I really loved in 2014 and hopefully, you can try them out in 2015! 😀 Alright, lets dig in.

(For the prices, I put -ish after the prices because prices may vary within each store!)


1. Physicians Formula Super CC+ Color-correction + Care CC+ Powder SPF 30 ($13.99): I used this as a powder to set my foundation. To me, it worked…like a powder (haha). I didn’t really see any color correcting effects but it could be because the foundation already covered up any blemishes or pigmentation.

2. Olay Regenerist micro-sculping cream moisturizer (about $28.99): I may still be young, but I really love this moisturizer. I was home for break and I had run out of my moisturizer so my mom let me borrow hers. This moisturizer made my skin feel tighter in a good way. I like to joke around and ask my mom if I look 30 years younger. haha but this is one of the things I will repurchase.

3. NYX Matte Bronzer ($8.99) in medium: I have been using this since 2013. Err..maybe I should have switched it out by now but I just really love this product. A little goes a long way so you only have to dab your brush in for a little. I love all matte things because I feel like shimmer is too much for everyday wear.

4. Ecotools brushes ($10.49-$11.99): I decided to put these two brushes into one category because I frequently use them together. The first one is the Bamboo Powder Brush ($10.49). The bristles are really soft and it applies my powder pretty well. The other is the Bamboo bronzer brush ($11.99). This brush is the perfect size for my face when it is used to apply bronzer. Like the powder brush, the bristles are soft and easily blends in the bronzer into the rest of my face makeup.

5. Revlon Colorstay Makeup for combination/oily skin ($12.99-ish): This foundation is a favorite among many YouTubers I’ve watched over the past years. It was about time for a new foundation, so I decided to pick this one up. I love it. It makes my face look so nice and it really stays on all day. By the way, this is a full coverage foundation.

6. Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation ($9.99-ish): I reach for this foundation a lot too. It is lightweight on the skin and when you apply it, it has a powder finish. It makes my skin feel soft. In my opinion, it is a medium coverage foundation and it blends it quite well. It has a strange applicator, but I use my hands to put on foundation anyways.


7. Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Color in Touch of Spice 660 ($7.99-ish): I love how matte lip colors look but not on me. However, I decided to try out this line of matte lipsticks and I fell in love. It is moisturizing and has nice pigmentation to it.  

8. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Plum Perfect 435 ($7.49-ish): When fall came around, I wanted to try going for a darker lip color. I was searching around for a dark red…maybe a little hint of purple. I looked through several makeup stands and found this one. It is moisturizing and has no taste to it. It is very pigmented too.

9. Nyx Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Tea Rose ($4.99-ish): This lip gloss was a spontaneous buy. I’m not much of a lip gloss gal but I wanted to try one out. And boy boy boy, I am glad I tried it. This lip gloss is not sticky which means, my hair won’t get stuck onto  my lips! (yay!) It is moisturizing and has great pigmentation to it. Plus, it’s also very affordable.

10. C.O Bigelow Lavender Salve ($___?): This Lavender Salve can be used on the lips, face, cuticles, elbows and knees. I used it mostly on my lips. My lips are often chapped and chapped lips are a no no. I always put some on before I begin to put on my makeup so my lips are moisturized when I want to put on lipstick. I got this a while back at Bath and Body Works. I’m not sure if this was a limited edition product but I couldn’t find it on the internet. However, they still make the Rose Salve ($5.50).


11. Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Waterproof Mascara ($7.49): This is one of my favorite mascaras of all time. It really holds the curl and doesn’t clump. It has a slight scent to it. The only problem with this mascara is that it is really hard to remove. I have to rub my eyes with make up remover in order to remove it. Even with that, I still see mascara smudged on my under eye area.

12. Maybelline The Nudes Palette ($9.99): I don’t usually wear eyeshadow but I like to experiment with them. I have heard great things about this palette and I had to get my hands on it. The colors are really pigmented but great for everyday wear! It would look great on all skin tones!

13. Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($20.00): I never really used a eyeshadow primer because it was quite expensive. But one day, I decided to give in and pick up a tube. The primer helped enhance the colors of the eyeshadows and helped them stay on longer. At the end of the day, my eyeshadow would still be on my eye and not anywhere else!

14. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner ($9.99-ish): I love this eyeliner!  It glides on smoothly especially with the brush that it comes with. It doesn’t fade out throughout the day… it kind of just stays there. The downside about this eyeliner is that the eyeliner itself dries out pretty quickly. I haven’t had it for very long but it seems to be a bit dry.

Welp, those are my 14 favorite products of 2014! I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you ever try these out! Hope you had a wonderful New Years day!

Thank you for reading this blog post,

❤ , Tiff

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Happy 2015!


Happy New Year guys! 2014 was great but 2015 will be better! I just started this blog but I hope to start posting regularly. There will be more reviews, advice, and anything you’d like me to talk about. I am currently a 3rd year in college so if you would like some college advice, let me know! Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you all had a wonderful new years!

<3, Tiff

Ps. isn’t the mouse gif so cute?! I saw it on tumblr and immediately fell in love…which reminds me, follow me on tumblr! I reblog a lot of cute things and quotes! (and corgis) 😉 ❤

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IPSY December 2014

Today, I will be talking about the Ipsy december 2014 bag. I was on the waiting list for a really long time and when I finally received an email regarding my IPSY bag, I was super duper excited.

First off, if you don’t know what an Ipsy bag is, it is a subscription box/bag that is $10/month with no shipping fee. (yay!) Each month, you receive a makeup bag and inside, you will find 5 deluxe samples.

Now you have a little insight on what an Ipsy bag is, lets dig right in! (eeek so excited!)


TARTE lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara (full size: $20.00)

NYX Butter Lip Balm in Lady Fingers (full size: $6.00)


Coolway Boost Repair Treatment (full size: $29.95)

Crownbrush Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush (retail: $17.40 but on sale for $6.99!)


Pixi Fairy Dust in Brightening Bare (full size: $10.00)


Overall, I really enjoyed this month’s ipsy bag. I think my favorite item in my bag was the duel brush. I have been looking for a pencil brush but haven’t found one that is affordable and has good quality. But, my search is over! woohoo! What did you guys think about this month’s ipsy bag?

I hope you enjoyed my review of the December 2014 ipsy bag! Thank you reading this blog post. I hope you have a beautifully wonderfully day!

❤ , Tiff

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