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I usually vlog my clinical experiences but unfortunately, I caught a cold and it’s been really difficult to speak without coughing so I apologize for that! I also have a lot of phlegm and…that’s too much info. So today, I thought I would talk about my ICU experience!

I am currently in my adult health II clinical rotation. This rotation is mainly on the medical surgical floor but my professor assigns us to different departments like the intensive care unit (ICU) or the emergency department (ED) on some days. The thought of going to the ICU made me super uneasy so I didn’t plan on going but after a small pep-talk, I decided to try it out. I mean, when will I ever have a chance to go to the ICU as a nursing student? Today’s blog post is about what I learned from the ICU and a collection of thoughts about working in the ICU.

Disclaimer: I’m not very knowledgable about different departments so I’m practically clueless whether all ICUs are similar or not lol but this is what I saw that particular day.

Coming from 4 days at the med surg floor, the ICU was very quiet. Everyone was critically ill and I wasn’t used to it. I felt really sad/concerned for the patients and I wanted to get out of there. But I knew I had to stick it through so I followed my nurse around and helped her with anything she needed. At one point, I just stayed in the room with the patient’s family member cause we knew she just wanted someone to talk to. It was nice that even though I couldn’t physically help her, just by simply listening to her was therapeutic (or at least I hope so)!

It was really interesting to see how ICU nurses work vs. med-surg nurses. In this particular ICU, the nurses only have two patients but it is all total-care, meaning there is no CNA assisting you. It’s just you and your two patients. In med-surg, you have 5-7 patients but you have a CNA helping you out with vitals and helping the patients go to the bathroom or bathing them. Two patients sounds nice but you have to remember they are critically ill patients so I learned that it’s important to have amazing time management. My ICU nurse didn’t really have much time to sit down as she was walking back and forth between rooms to check on vitals, replacing IV lines, replenishing IV fluids/medications, administering medications and providing patient care. In between all of that, she was also comforting family members and keeping the rooms organized and clean. It’s amazing what she does! And this is random but I can’t stop wondering why my nurse’s rooms weren’t right next to each other. She had to walk across the hall to get from one room to another…

One thing I noticed is that the ICU nurses really help each other out. There was an emergency in one of the rooms across the department and my nurse disappeared. I had no idea what was going on but it turned out that the patient was going into hypovolemic shock. He was bleeding internally and was in need of replacing a lot of things like fluids and blood products! Everyone swarmed in and out of the room to help the nurse caring for this patient. People were coming from left and right to grab supplies for the emergency and the doctor popped out of nowhere started to insert a central line. I felt bad because I was kinda just standing there being in the way so I tried to make myself available for anything they needed! The charge nurse had me hold pressure on the wound so I was standing in the center of all of the chaos. I watched the doctor up close insert that central line and it was a lot of to take in. But it was amazing to watch everybody come together as a team. Even when there wasn’t an emergency, I saw the nurses helping each other out. Like if another nurse saw something about one of my nurse’s patients, she would come and let her know and vice versa.

In the end, I thought the ICU was great and I really liked it. It was really hard to be surrounded by critically ill patients but they say you get used to it. After all, the healthcare team is working very hard to help them recover and be more comfortable. After observing my nurse’s skills and abilities, I don’t think I’m there yet but maybe one day! Who knows!

And that is what my ICU experience was like! This week, I’m going to the ER and I’m super nervous about it. It’s another department that I get nervous when thinking about it. But again, when will I ever get to go there as a student? Wish me luck!

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