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Today marks the end-ish of Block 6: Nursing Theories, Practice, and Issues. I turned in my philosophy paper last week and it was such a struggle. I literally forgot how to write a paper. All those writing classes I took in college has gone to the “nice to know” region of my brain and recently moved to the brain grave.

This class is all online and the assignments consist of discussions, one philosophy paper, and one group presentation about a philosopher. The discussion posts were always a hassle because in the past blocks, they were mostly done with group members. That meant we had to coordinate with each other and it took a lot of time. But for this block, they were all individual responses.  However, one requirement is to respond to two of your colleagues post but those weren’t time consuming. You pretty much compliment on their post, say whether you agree/disagree or add your input!

For the presentation, we had to choose a philosopher. Good thing my group member was on top of it because I was completely out of the loop. We chose Jean Watson and we just followed the rubric/guideline. If you guys were wondering how 8 people worked on a presentation, we used google presentation! It’s great because we can work from our comfort and watch it being put together.

The only downside is if you convert the google presentation to an actual ppt, the fonts may not transfer and the images may be distorted so definitely double check before uploading!

I may or may not have slacked a little and ended up having to come up with a clinical scenario. And let. me. tell. you… that hella difficult! I hope it was acceptable because I had the worst time trying to come up with one. Fingers crossed? :<

This block as a whole was pretty relaxing. Maybe…a little too relaxing but I’m not complaining. Since it was mostly discussions and that paper, I decided to do all of my discussions ahead of time so I could focus on my paper. The paper was so difficult for me to start/write that I began to write it like a blog post! I guess these blog posts are paying off because that def made it easier. I like to tell people my paper was a blog post without the bad grammar and the lols 🙂 I ended up doing well so that was definitely a big relief! I really don’t like papers…

Next is Nursing Research and I don’t really know what to expect. Perhaps…nursing..,research? Who knows! haha anyways, that’s what block 6 was like! I didn’t really vlog about it because there was nothing to vlog. I literally just sat there and stared at my computer for 15 mins per day and that’s it. I did vlog my first cycling class experience and getting my ears pierced so I’ll leave that right here!

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Hello friends 11

Welcome back to my blog!

Guess who finally got her hair professionally dyed? Dis potato! I’ve been wanting to dye my hair for years now but I’ve always chickened out. But recently, I felt like I needed a change soooooo YOLO! Plus my friend wanted to dye her hair too so we went together! Friends who dye their hair together, stay together? 🤷

And this is how it came out!

I walked in thinking I was going to go lighter, like my whole head. I showed the hair stylist pictures I pinned from Pinterest! [insert shameless plug here] I wanted to eventually go lighter but I knew that with my dark dark dark brown hair, it wasn’t gonna get lighter than the brunette colors below. 👇

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 1.59.44 AM

We discussed whether I wanted to dye my whole head or just have balayage. We decided to go with the balayage because it would look more natural as it grew out. If only hair could stay one length, am i right? Imagine that…Yeah, that would be weird.

The hair stylist began by examining my hair. At first she told me the bleach may not work the way we wanted because there was red in my hair. I was shook. UH I don’t remember dying my hair red. I’ve dyed my hair before but it was more of an ombre … a failed ombre but I thought I already cut off.. so I was a bit sad. She told me that she’d try some bleach on a strand first to make sure the hair will do what we wanted it to do.

🤞fingers crossed!🤞

15 minutes later…the strand of hair bleached the way we wanted and the transformation began! It took so long. It was one of those times I wish I had shorter hair! It came to the point where I couldn’t sit still and being an awkward potato, I didn’t know what to talk about with the girl doing my hair. I ended up just sitting there draining my phone battery and reading magazines.

This may be weird but getting my hair done reminded me a lot of the nursing process. The stylist begins by introducing herself, and then explains the procedure and while she’s doing the procedure, she explains what she’s doing. She even said, “if you have any questions during the process, let me know!”They even have that supplies tray that reminds me of the ones in hospitals. HA okay, sorry…I’m weird.

Anyways, 3.5ish long hours later, it was finally done. It’s not as light as I had hoped it would be but I didn’t expect much since my hair was dark af. I was slightly worried about having a balayage because it looks pretty when it’s curled but when it’s straight, it could look weird. It took a while to get used to but I’m in love with it. New hair, who dis?

Below is the information for the salon I went to! My friend and I found it on yelp while frantically finding a place to get our hair dyed. We didn’t plan ahead so we were calling around looking for a place that had time for us. Oops! But we lucked out! 👇

Dare to Dye Salon Boutique

9710 W Tropicana Ave #115, Las Vegas, NV 89147

(702) 597-0390

Only 1.5 weeks until winter break but for now, it’s dooms week and a half. I have a lot of stuff to do but 21 more days til Christmas and then New Years!! Isn’t that crazy? Where has this year gone?

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