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Week 1 (Oct. 9 – Oct.13)

Holy crispy chicken nuggets! I started nursing school and it has literally taken over my life. It’s been about 4 days of school but somehow, it feels like I’ve been in school for a month.

A little background about my program: it is an accelerated BSN that allows you to get your Bachelor in Nursing degree in 16 months. The program is mostly online but the  labs and clinicals in person. The exams are also on campus. The school’s curriculum is in blocks meaning we focus on one subject at a time, take an assessment, pass, then move on. The first block is called “introduction to the profession”.

I spend about 12 hours a day studying/yelling at computer/stuffing information into my brain. I take breaks in between but the studying adds up to about 12-ish hours. Is it crazy? Is it insane? I’m not sure but I really want to do well and make sure I get a good grasp of the information. Cause the scary part is… if I don’t know it, it could kill someone. :| pressure..

Online sounds intimidating but I honestly love this method of learning (so far). Even though I don’t get to see my classmates everyday, I find it more convenient for my schedule. ..not like I have anything else to do…but it’s nice to be able to work at your own schedule. You just have to make sure to follow the course calendar provided by the professor. I’ve been about 1-2 days ahead of schedule because I started the assignments as soon as the block opened, which was Friday, Oct. 6. Even though classes actually started Oct. 9th, I wanted to get ahead because I tend to fall behind. I also love that I don’t have to physically leave the house. Campus is about 15 minutes from my house (which isn’t completely terrible) but for some of my classmates, it takes them about 1 hr to get to campus. So it definitely saves time for a lot of us…more time to study… and sleep!

The first block is more about the history and how to be an outstanding nurse. I’m not much of a history person but I thought the history of nursing was really interesting. It’s really inspiring to see women from different backgrounds stand their ground for the better of society. We also learned about the image of nursing, which I never noticed until I read about it. Nurses don’t get much credit for the work they do, do they? It kind of made me sad…but as a future nurse, I want to take part in changing that. And right now, we’re learning the art of nursing and TBH moral of the story, don’t be a butt to your patient. Something as simple as communication can affect the outcome of your patient’s progress. I never thought about that.. but it’s definitely something to look out for when I encounter patients in the future. 🙂

Other things I had to do this week were UNIFORMS! We have to purchase our uniforms from a specific shop that provides the uniforms for our school. We got to try on some samples at orientation but I was really indecisive on the sizes because they kind of fit weird. I also have to purchase a few set of grey and maroon scrubs for lab. I’ve been really conflicted about the lab scrubs. Half of me wants to get cheap scrubs because who knows if I’ll be able to wear grey/maroon scrubs in my future job and the other half of me wants to splurge because what if I need to wear grey/maroon scrubs in the future and the cheap ones broke? Then I would have to spend more money to buy more…you know? First world problems..I can’t decide but I need to purchase them soon because I think I might need em for the next block (which is the week after next).

It took a while to get used to the program and change my habits. Ah change. My least favorite thing. It definitely takes a lot of self-discipline and time management to keep up with the curriculum. But once you get used to the rhythm, you’ll be just fine. After my exam next Friday, we move onto Health Assessment and I’m sure that is way more challenging than this. Yikes…wish me luck!

Anyways, that’s an update on my life. Thank you so much for stopping by and if you’ve reached this far into my rant/blog post, I really appreciate it. The road to R.N. is going to be a long ride but I think it’ll be worth it. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting a blog every week but we’ll see what I can do. I also want to post a few other nursing posts so stay tuned for that!

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nursnig school

Today’s post is more of a personal one. I guess it’s more of a pre-nursing school reflection. It’ll be fun to look back and reminisce why I chose nursing as a career. So let’s back it up a bit..back to December 2016. That was the date I graduated from college with a bachelor degree in Human Biology. It seemed like everyone around me knew what they wanted to do and were on their way to get there but for me, I was completely lost.

I actually graduated college wanting to go into Public Health. It seemed like the job I wanted to do because ultimately, I wanted to make a difference in the world. But to be completely honest, what I saw of public health was based on two courses in college and after being rejected from an volunteer position from LA County , I realized that maybe public health wasn’t what I thought it was. So, it was back to the drawing board. Back to the healthcare setting that I knew and loved.

After being rejected from the public health volunteer position, I felt really down and confused. I think I was at the mall with my mom when I almost bursted into tears because I felt like a failure. I couldn’t figure out what to do with my life. I knew it had to be something that I’d want to do for the rest of my life because my worst fear is wasting time and money. My mom, being a nurse for over 40 years, was like, “What about nursing?” then she started telling me about all this nursing information and all the different paths you could take with nursing.

I was sold.

I realized that I really loved patient interaction. During my job at the clinic, I got to have a lot of patient interaction. Instead of being in a cubicle, I wanted to be up on my feet and to be able to work with patients to make a positive impact on their lives. Of course, there’s always going to be those unhappy, mean, and rude patients but the nice and appreciative ones always override them.

There is such versatility in the nursing world. There are different work environments a nurse can work in such as, hospitals, nursing homes, adult health care centers, and schools. Nurses are also constantly learning new things throughout their career as new advances and treatments are discovered, which has always been a passion of mine. Being able to educate people on how to improve their quality of life will be a staple of mine and leaving an positive impact on others.

All in all, I hope picked the right path and nursing is something I fell in love with. Program starts at the beginning of October and I’m scared af. But from all the good things I’ve heard, I hope it’ll be a rewarding experience.

Now that I’m walking on my own path, I want to end this blog post with this: Don’t worry too much if your original plans don’t work out. It may seem like the end of the world at that time but look around you. You’ll be inspired with all the things in the world and soon you’ll be on your way. It’s a good feeling, trust me.

As always, thank you so so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this long ass rant of mine. Stay inspired and keep learning. Stay tuned for more nursing school rants and vlogs! I hope you have a beautiful day and don’t forget to shine bright, you’re beautiful ❤

Shine bright, peace out.✌


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UPDATE: Reflecting on this college stuff

Hello friends! I’mmmm baaacccckkkk!!! Sorry for being MIA but ya girl has graduated from cawledge! ERRR back it up a bit, I graduated in December 2016, but I finally got to walk across the grand stage this past weekend. I was trying so hard to not trip..

Graduated UC Merced with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology!

College was definitely an experience but I grew the most during those past 4.5 years. Merced is one of those towns in the middle of nowhere that no one talks about. I, myself, had no idea what Merced was until I got into the school. When I first got there as a freshman, I was definitely confused. There were cows everywhere.. agriculture everywhere.. there was even a farm with camels down the street from my school. CAMELS. like what?! And there was literally nothing to do in Merced. I wanted to go home. But I’m glad I didn’t. I met my best friends there, I learned to be more appreciative of the things I had because there were people who didn’t have much, I learned what a heartbreak felt like, and I experienced what it felt like to have people leave you when you needed them the most. But it all made me who I am today because I am stronger.

The hardest part about college was failing. It was the feeling of hopelessness when you spent hours studying for an exam and yet, you fail. Those days were the worst. I’m very open about my failures so yes, I failed 3 classes in college and withdrew from one. Withdrawing from a class made me graduate late, which was a bummer cause I didn’t get to graduate with my best friends. But the point is, I never gave up. Yes, I cried about it and completely felt like shit about it. But I got back up on my feet and tried again. I kept trying and here I am with this snazzy diploma that will bring me to my next destination. So what I’m trying to say is, don’t give up. Keep your eye on the prize and keep going. I never even considered changing my emphasis or my major. I was determined to graduate with the major I entered college in because ultimately, that was the direction I wanted to go.

…I miss college… cherish these four years or however long it will take you because you’ll only be 18-22 years old once. I miss my best friends and dreading class everyday. Now I just dread work haha!

You can do it! Believe in yourself. Remember to tell yourself that and to the ones you love. Stay positive and everything will be okay! 🙂 ❤

Shine bright, peace out.

❤ , TIFF

PS. I’m going to try to keep posting stuff on here but ya girl sucks at this blogging thing so.. heh ❤ And if you have questions about being a bio major or college in general, I’m yo gal!

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