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The first part of Block 11, Psychiatric-Mental Health nursing, has ended  and my oh my, where has time gone?

One of the hardest things about this block was getting back into study mode. The two blocks before this block were a lot more relaxed so trying to get back into the “grind” mindset was very difficult. I also got really sick during this block, so that didn’t help!


Having a passion for psychiatric-mental health nursing was a big factor in my ability to focus and learn the material. Mental health has always been something that I felt was important to be aware of so learning the material wasn’t so bad.  It also helped knowing that it was something I might want to go into one day. I guess we’ll find out in clinical rotations!

How I studied: I studied this block using the same methods as before. I downloaded the content outlines from each module and filled them out as I read. That definitely helped me stay focused. I also printed all of the content summaries and highlighted the important parts. Actually, everything was important so I almost highlighted the whole page… *guilty* For the pharmacology portion, the professor posted various games that helped me remember important facts about each drug. Repetition really does work you guys! I also wrote out on a piece of paper the prototypes of the drugs and its classification. One thing I realized that was pretty helpful was to write out all of the side effects. We often see medications with side effects like “CNS depression” or “extrapyramidal symptoms” and then followed by a crap ton of symptoms! So I found it helpful to have a page that listed all of the general side effects and what happens if/when it occurs. It definitely helps to clarify things and makes it easier. Mnemonics were also my best friend for this. For example, I used ADAPT for extrapyramidal symptoms!

Acute Dystonia Akathasia Pseudoparkinsonism Tardive dyskinesia

Pretty cool right? Definitely useful when theres so many side effects and symptoms to remember!

Therapeutic relationship and communication were the main themes of mental health. Sure, there are medications to calm the patient or alleviate the problems but you need to be able to effectively communicate to assess the situation and go from there! A lot of our exam questions were related to how to speak to patients. There were questions that asked which response was most appropriate and you would have to pick a quote. Some of the answers were really obvious like why would I say that to someone? However, I stared at the remaining answer choices like uh.. I don’t know? haha and these questions are very difficult to EBR (evidence base review) because there is no direct quote in the book that tells you the right answer so there is no way to prove that any of the answer choices would be correct.

Evidence Based Review: the fourth stage of our exam process where we are able to “argue” against our professors on each question and use the textbook as proof to either get it nullified or get our answer choice to count.

Speaking of the exam, MY COMPUTER CRASHED/RESTARTED/SHUTDOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EXAM! OOF that was loud. But yes, that did happen. During the exam, I was on number 35 and my computer went to a black screen and then back to the login screen of my computer. My heart literally stopped, like why now? It went to an orange screen where I had to ask my professor for a resume code and I got to go back to where I left off. I almost cried and it definitely threw me off! But eventually, I finished my exam and I felt pretty good.

But boy was I wrong… (and this is why I’m never super confident) Since this exam had 60 questions and my team got the 90% or higher on the team assessment, I was allowed to miss 9 questions. I ended up missing 12 and that was pretty devastating because I actually thought I got this one. I also really did not want to take this exam again. No one does.. So I was depending on EBR to pass. *fingers crossed* All I needed was 3 questions but it looks like they threw out a bunch!  They were really generous and I was very thankful for that! We all passed and I passed with a 95%. <—miracle right there!

It was a little soul crushing knowing that I could have failed because this was something I wanted to do! How embarrassing.. haha but that’s not going to stop me. Maybe clinical rotations will… it really is a great feeling to pass considering how difficult the past week has been. So you know what? You live and you learn! I’m thankful to be here and I’m doing my best to become the best [insert specialty here] nurse I can be.

But that’s pretty much what the first part of block 11 was like!  I vlogged a part of it so check it out aboveeee! The second portion is called Community Health /Public Health nursing and it’s not too bad so far. There’s this group project that leads us into the community health clinical rotation so it’s important we do well. Look out for a future post where I’ll talk more about the project! 🙂

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psst… hi! so if you guys were wondering… for some reason, the blocks are numbered out of order and I have no idea why. I went from block 7 to block 11 and next is block 10, I believe. Weird, right?



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Long time no blog post! I sincerely apologize for that. After Clinicals ended, pharmacology began and it’s been kicking my butt. No joke. All the meds sound the same and I can’t pronounce half of them. Oh boy… Anyways, today I thought I’d write about my first clinical experience. I vlogged it but I wanted to write about some things I didn’t talk about in the vlog!

Clinical rotations are like reality checks. You’ve learned everything there is to know about fundamentals but once you step onto that hospital floor, it’s something else. That is exactly what it was like for me.

This past week, I completed my first round of clinical rotations! This rotation focused on the things we learned in Block 3: Fundamentals of Nursing. My rotation was two weeks long with 3 consecutive 12-hour shifts in each week. So my group’s shifts were Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I’ve never had to work the weekend before so it was a different experience. My Thursday–Saturday turned into my usual Tuesday–Thursday where my Friday was the dreadful day. Weird right? It really messed up my days. But after getting used to it, I stopped noticing.

12 hours…720 minutes..43200 seconds… 12 hours doesn’t sound so bad until you’re working it. The first day of clinicals went by really slow. Every time I looked up at the clock, only a few minutes passed by. It was such a drag. But then the next day, time went by a little faster. And by the final third day, time went by fast BUT all the exhaustion from the past few days accumulated and hit me in one day. Saturdays were my most tiring day.

Overall, I had fun and I loved it. It got me excited to go back to learning and graduate so i can be a Real Nurse. Anyways, I’m going to let my vlogs do the rest of the talking! I hope you enjoy!



OH but one thing I didn’t talk about was what happened during my evaluation. During evaluation, we sat down individually with our clinical instructor and she went over our performance with us. At one point, my clinical instructor asked me, “is this still something you want to do?” and that put me in a really weird place. As you can tell, I wasn’t doing so well. But it made me ask myself, “is this what I want to do?” In my professor’s opinion, I am a shy person who needs to spread her wings. TRUE. But when she asked me that, I felt lost again. Remember a few posts back, I talked about how I got to nursing?

Let’s review, TLDR; I didn’t know what to do with my life until I fell in love with nursing.

Well basically, I was back in that place. I love studying about nursing. I got through these past three blocks because I had a passion for nursing. But when I got onto the hospital floor, it was like another world to me. Suddenly everything I learned turned into black and white and there I was on the first day of clinicals, standing in a patient’s room not knowing what to say or what to do. I froze. When I was shadowing a nurse, I froze. I didn’t know what to ask, I didn’t know what to say, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? But as time went on, I got comfortable in the hospital where I was able to talk to patients and help them with whatever they needed. But when she asked me that, there was the only thing rushing through my head.

Is this still something I want to do?

Damn, who knew eight words could mess me up. Not gonna lie, I went to the bathroom afterwards and cried it out and then went back to work. I hope it wasn’t obvious. Then after my shift, I went home and I cried some more. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this but one of my biggest fears is losing interest in my career/wasting time. I felt very meh about the whole situation. But my friends pep talked me back into my senses and the next day, I walked back into that hospital one last time. Still with some self-doubt, I tried my best to give it my all on my last day of clinicals. I think it was one of the best clinical days yet! I had a great nurse who taught me so much and I feel like I opened up a bit.

I have to accept the fact that I will never be as outgoing as some people BUT it does not define what kind of nurse I will be. And it takes practice. I hope by the next clinicals, I’ll be able to “spread my wings” a bit but for now, signing off from this blog post… I hope you have a beautiful day and don’t forget to shine bright, you’re beautiful✨

Oh by the way, the answer to that question: yes, this is still something I want to do. Honestly, my clinical instructor wasn’t always watching me because there’s 8 of us and one of her. Therefore, she wasn’t always around when I was doing stuff. So she missed many opportunities where I interacted with patients and helped them with what they needed. I really enjoyed being around the patients and being able to be there for them. Patient care requires a lot of patience, time, and responsibility. I may not be perfect but who was ever perfect on their first try? Anyways, nowww I’m signing off. Thanks for reading! Ok bye! ❤


Peace out.✌




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Week… idk I lost count. (Dec. 04 – Dec. 15)

Welp. These past 2 weeks have been hectic but it’s finally winter break. This is literally what my calendar looked like:

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.58.26 PM.png

It was assignment after assignment along with lab stuff weaved in between endless reading assignments. So while I was worrying about the lab sterile technique video assessment, I was also tryna keep up with the module readings. But honestly module readings were future Tiffany’s problem. Let’s get through the video assessment first and then catch up on the rest. I’m not sure if that was a great idea but I really needed to practice my sterile lab techniques.

Lab check off day was not as bad as I thought. We had to go into lab at an assigned time and demonstrate a lab technique. This time, we were instructed to collect an urine sample and take out the catheter from the mannequin. I got an easy professor so I only had to talk my way through it and fake it. And that was pretty much it! Technically we had to talk about the documentation for the procedure but he signed it off and I was good for that.

The next day was dooms day pt. 2! It was video assessment day! I briefly explained in one of my past blog posts but basically we had to pick out a lab sterile technique out of a hat (foley catheter insertion or wound care). I felt iffy about both techniques but I went in with the mindset of “do whatever you think is right and don’t over think” because whenever I overthink, I usually end up being wrong. I think the trickiest part about these sterile techniques isn’t the actual procedure but more of trying to not cross the “sterile field”. During the video, if you cross the sterile field, meaning if you contaminate, you automatically fail. No pressure, right? And with 4 open labs and 1.5 hours each, I did not feel prepared. But I tried to practice outside of lab. Instead of reading for the modules, I spent many nights practicing on my imaginary patients. I stood at the island counter in the kitchen since it was the only place in the house where I can stand and do the procedure like in a hospital setting and I did the whole thing from beginning to end…over and over again. My older brother jokes that I run a hospital for ghosts in his house. Maybe this is why my brother’s dog keeps barking at the wall. My hospital is popular!! Dooms day pt. 2 came and ruh roh…

We were assigned into groups of 3 and I decided to go last. At this point, I was like, “I’m ready, let’s do this.”

Narrator: She was not ready…

I got wound care and that required way more hand hygiene practices than catheter insertion because every time you took off your gloves, you had to perform hand hygiene. For some reason, I kept forgetting. Luckily, if you notice you forgot something/did something wrong, you can say “call light, reset the moment” but nervously anxious Tiffany kept saying, “reset the call light” umm…what? As if things were already going downhill, my cameraman forgot to get the q-tips and I didn’t notice before the camera turned on.

Backstory: for our wound care kits, there’s supposed to be Q-tips for the procedure but for some reason, it’s not in the kit so during the video, we ask our camera man for the q-tip and verbalize, “these are usually in the wound care kit but in this case, they’re not. These are sterile and I am now putting it in my sterile field.” …or something like that.

Ok back to story time. So she forgot the Q-tips and I didn’t realize she didn’t have them so when I said that, there were no Q-tips in sight. I froze. Literally if you see the video, I have this dead look on my face cause I NEED THOSE Q TIPS. So my camera man was looking for the q-tips behind her and I was thinking, oh my goodness i’m going to fail because of these stupid q-tips. #seeyouatremediation By the way, the Q-tips were located at the front of the classroom and I was in the back of the classroom. So I ended up raising my hand and saying “call light!” and the professor came and gave me the two Q-tips I needed and I continued with the video. Deep breaths Tiffany. Deep breaths. Everything will be fine, just continue. I got through the video and I was just glad it was over.

After, I had to write a documentation note about the procedure and then self-grade my video. While watching my video, I was half cracking up and half silently crying because of the Q-tips and the fact that I kept forgetting hand hygiene. Darn Q-tips. I went home feeling meh but I tried haha the worst thing that could happen is remediation. It took a while for us to get our video grades back but somehow I got a perfect score. I was shocked but I’ll take it! Thanks professor! But I lowkey wish I saw the professor’s face when he/she saw my dead ass face during the Q-tip incident. I thought it was pretty funny.

The last thing keeping me from winter break was assessment 2. Winter break was so close yet so far… But 👏 let 👏 me 👏 tell 👏 you. I had no motivation to study for this exam. I was behind on readings and my brain was on winter break mode but thank goodness for that study guide. This time, the study guide was 31 pages. YEP. you read that right, 31 long pages. Mother nature hates me. I’m not sure if the study guide was helpful but it was a nice guide to what readings I should do. I ended up looking at the study guide, reading the book for topics I needed more clarifications on and slightly taking notes on the margins of the study guide.

Dooms day pt. 3 came and I felt unprepared again. But this time, I didn’t feel like I was gonna have a break down during the exam. Somehow, I was calm. During the team assessment, I started counting how many I got wrong and I lost count. The whole exam was a blurrrr and I couldn’t remember what I put. I guess if I have to remediate then…thank goodness for that second chance. But luckily, everybody passed! Passing is 90% and above and I got a 98.33%. It’s a miracle! but YAY! FREEDOM!!!

Now that I’m on break, it feels weird. For the past few days, I’ve woken up freaking out thinking I have to do nursing school stuff but nope, my days consist of eating and watching netflix/hulu. Oh and lots and lots of sleep. I might have to be an overachiever and review for clinicals and block four, pharmacology. I heard pharmacology is gonna be hell so I wanna prepare myself for that. I’m not sure how I’m going to start studying for it but I’ll probably just gonna read that drug handbook they gave us at orientation and make flashcards or something. …just watch, none of that is gonna happen cause netflix/hulu and eating are priority.

I will be driving back to LA on Monday or Tuesday to avoid tourist traffic but for now, this girl is signing off. Tiffany out✌

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and sighing with me. It’s been a long but fast two weeks but I’m glad it’s break. Do you have any questions? Let me know! I hope you have a happy happy holiday☃️🎄and don’t forget the shine bright, you’re beautiful ❤

Peace out.✌

❤ , TIFF

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I forgot Zac Efron could sing and now I’m like mind blown lol his voice though…

Today’s post is a collection of thoughts I had for the two days leading up to my exam. Put on yo seatbelts kids, we’re going on a bumpy ride…

Thursday, November 30

LOUD SIGH. Silent cry. I’m stressed out and at the verge of giving up. The first assessment for block 3 is tomorrow and I feel so unprepared. There is so much information to know that I don’t even know what I actually know anymore. It’s so overwhelming… Yesterday the professors had a review webinar but I had low hopes for that. It was so useless tbh …like why give me life stories when we can be reviewing material for the exam? Everything the professors said contradicted each other. They’ll say “focus on the normals” but module 4 (fluid/electrolyte imbalances) was mainly abnormals. There is nothing normal about electrolyte imbalances.

For this first half of the block, the professor gave us outlines and summaries for each module. They also gave us a “study guide” but none of the information added up. Like one of the outlines says something but the summary says something else. And the study guide? Oh don’t even get me started on the study guide.. It is horrifying. It is 19 pages of information that is supposed to stick to my brain by tomorrow. Suddenly, I’m at a Starbucks flipping through three sets of notes because none of it adds up. Like why? I’ve been going through the outlines and I’m thinking, ok, I did my best and did what I could..but what if my best wasn’t good enough? Is that sad? Probably. But I’m going to bed and hoping for the best tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Friday, December 1

Today was dooms day part 1 and damn, I don’t even know how I felt. I guess I was nervous/scared/i don’t care anymore/whateverhappenshappens/see you at remediation.. But I walked in there this morning and I just sat there joking around with my friends trying to not think about the exam I was about to fail. So the exam begins and I look at the first question. From there, I knew it wasn’t gonna be a good one. As I was going through the 60 questions, I felt like I could have tried harder these past few weeks. It came to the point where maybe if I reread a little more, I would know the definite answer rather than guessing. I literally almost broke down during the exam. It’s funny because yesterday, I was surprised I haven’t broken down yet… WELP, there it is. I almost started crying because I was so overwhelmed by the things I didn’t know and the things I could have known if I read the textbook more efficiently. For some reason, my mind always holds on to the “shoulda couldas.” Towards the end of the exam, I just sat there clicking through the questions and well, it was time to let go. So, I submitted and I did what I could.

When it came to the team assessment, we got a 90% or higher as a team so that meant that we got 3 points added to our individual exam score. But while we were going through the exam, I lost count of how many questions I thought I got wrong. At that point, I kept saying “welp, I’ll see you at remediation”. *nervous laugh*

During the evidence based review, we were able to argue the questions and try to either get points or nullify it. I think I got about 2 points back which was relieving! Still, I wasn’t sure if I passed or not. That anxiety killed me but I tried to stay as positive as possible (aka not think about it). Again, whatever happens happens..

And drumroll pls…EVERYBODY PASSED!! WHOOOO! WHICH MEANS I PASSED!!! All the weight on my shoulders fell to the ground as we let out all the anxiety we’ve been holding in for the past 6 hours. And as I’m writing this, I checked my score and I got a 98%! Like WHAT?! ME? 98%? If you told me a few years ago that I would be getting 90% or higher on exams, I wouldn’t believe you. Before I started this program, I started to doubt myself because I wasn’t sure if I could get a 90% or higher on exams. I mean looking at my history…there weren’t many 90s or higher.

And I know that this is only block 3 and it’s going to get harder but it feels so relieving to know that this is possible. Even though nursing school is so stressful and tiring, I realized that I found my purpose and I’m passionate about it. Who knew?

And that wraps up part 1 of block 3. This was only the first exam and we have another one in about two weeks. I hope I can use my regrets from this half to improve my study habits for the next half. I also hope that the professor is consistent with how they test us but..let’s be real here. Are they ever consistent? Send help and more oreos. Thanks!

As always, thank you for stopping by and possibly sighing with me! Do you have any questions? Let me know! I hope you have a beautiful day. and don’t forget the shine bright, you’re beautiful ❤

Peace out.✌

❤ , TIFF

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letiffanyshow got a makeover and is now! oooh, so official. I’m still working on the little things but I’m loving the layout right now!

Happy black Friday shopping! I hope you all stuffed yo faces with foodz and emptied out your wallets at black Friday sales! I definitely did. This year, I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving but I am super thankful to have friends who allow me to join their family for Thanksgiving! (shout out to the Lee family <3)

Today is all about foley catheters. Yep, that thing that helps a patient void (urinate).

So, lets taco bout it.

A foley catheter is a flexible tube that is inserted through the urethra to the bladder to drain urine. Everything about the foley catheter insertion is sterile. STERILE TECHNIQUES ARE IMPORTANT which is scary because once you cross that sterile field, you’re out. Yikes. The general foley catheter insertion isn’t as complicated as the prepping part. It just looks painful af for the patient and now I’m starting to understand what the professors mean by the patients “losing control”. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like for them. And you know, if i have to do this at clinicals, I don’t know how I’m going to compose myself because in the back of my head, I know it’s going to be uncomfortable for the patient and GAH. I gotta keep myself from apologizing every 5 seconds…


Foley catheter (male or female) and wound care are going to be part of the video assessment. So on video assessment day, we have to pick a piece of paper out of a hat and we can either get foley catheter or wound care. But if we get foley catheter, we won’t know if we get female or male until we uncover the sheets. Yep, we’re gonna have to think fast! The (sorta) great thing about this video assessment is that if you realize you messed up, you can say “reset” or something like that, and reset the moment. So let’s just say I’m doing the sterile techniques and I accidentally reach over the sterile field and “contaminate”. If I notice, I’m allowed to say “Call light. Reset the moment.” and start over. I hope I never have to say that because I don’t want to start all over. I just want to go from beginning to end just like that and be done with it.

Unlike the health assessment, it’s really difficult to practice outside of lab for these techniques. For health assessment, I can literally practice on anyone and anything with taking vitals and listening to heart/lung/abdomen sounds. For these insertion techniques however, it’s probably best to practice on mannequins. Therefore, we have 4 open labs to practice our techniques.

Open labs are specific days where we have the opportunity to practice the techniques we want. We don’t have to stay the whole time but I think it’s important to take advantage of the time and practice practice practice.

On Wednesday (11.22.2017), my whole cohort (~56 people) gathered at one of the lecture halls and it was literally like Walmart black Friday voodoo. We all crowded the sign up sheets to get the best times and days for open lab. I personally didn’t mind what time I got but I wanted to get open lab with one of my friends so at least we’d have each other. With only 4 days to perfectly master this, I have to have a game plan on how I’m going to tackle this shiz. I think I’m going to do one technique per day (there’s three: female/male foley catheter and wound care) and then on the last day, do a whole review. HA welp, here goes nothing! Wish me luck!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my mini rant about catheters.. If you wanna know anything and everything about nursing school, let me know and I’ll get back to you on that. I hope you have a beautiful day. and don’t forget the shine bright, you’re beautiful ❤

Peace out.✌

❤ , TIFF

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