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The first part of Block 11, Psychiatric-Mental Health nursing, has ended  and my oh my, where has time gone?

One of the hardest things about this block was getting back into study mode. The two blocks before this block were a lot more relaxed so trying to get back into the “grind” mindset was very difficult. I also got really sick during this block, so that didn’t help!


Having a passion for psychiatric-mental health nursing was a big factor in my ability to focus and learn the material. Mental health has always been something that I felt was important to be aware of so learning the material wasn’t so bad.  It also helped knowing that it was something I might want to go into one day. I guess we’ll find out in clinical rotations!

How I studied: I studied this block using the same methods as before. I downloaded the content outlines from each module and filled them out as I read. That definitely helped me stay focused. I also printed all of the content summaries and highlighted the important parts. Actually, everything was important so I almost highlighted the whole page… *guilty* For the pharmacology portion, the professor posted various games that helped me remember important facts about each drug. Repetition really does work you guys! I also wrote out on a piece of paper the prototypes of the drugs and its classification. One thing I realized that was pretty helpful was to write out all of the side effects. We often see medications with side effects like “CNS depression” or “extrapyramidal symptoms” and then followed by a crap ton of symptoms! So I found it helpful to have a page that listed all of the general side effects and what happens if/when it occurs. It definitely helps to clarify things and makes it easier. Mnemonics were also my best friend for this. For example, I used ADAPT for extrapyramidal symptoms!

Acute Dystonia Akathasia Pseudoparkinsonism Tardive dyskinesia

Pretty cool right? Definitely useful when theres so many side effects and symptoms to remember!

Therapeutic relationship and communication were the main themes of mental health. Sure, there are medications to calm the patient or alleviate the problems but you need to be able to effectively communicate to assess the situation and go from there! A lot of our exam questions were related to how to speak to patients. There were questions that asked which response was most appropriate and you would have to pick a quote. Some of the answers were really obvious like why would I say that to someone? However, I stared at the remaining answer choices like uh.. I don’t know? haha and these questions are very difficult to EBR (evidence base review) because there is no direct quote in the book that tells you the right answer so there is no way to prove that any of the answer choices would be correct.

Evidence Based Review: the fourth stage of our exam process where we are able to “argue” against our professors on each question and use the textbook as proof to either get it nullified or get our answer choice to count.

Speaking of the exam, MY COMPUTER CRASHED/RESTARTED/SHUTDOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EXAM! OOF that was loud. But yes, that did happen. During the exam, I was on number 35 and my computer went to a black screen and then back to the login screen of my computer. My heart literally stopped, like why now? It went to an orange screen where I had to ask my professor for a resume code and I got to go back to where I left off. I almost cried and it definitely threw me off! But eventually, I finished my exam and I felt pretty good.

But boy was I wrong… (and this is why I’m never super confident) Since this exam had 60 questions and my team got the 90% or higher on the team assessment, I was allowed to miss 9 questions. I ended up missing 12 and that was pretty devastating because I actually thought I got this one. I also really did not want to take this exam again. No one does.. So I was depending on EBR to pass. *fingers crossed* All I needed was 3 questions but it looks like they threw out a bunch!  They were really generous and I was very thankful for that! We all passed and I passed with a 95%. <—miracle right there!

It was a little soul crushing knowing that I could have failed because this was something I wanted to do! How embarrassing.. haha but that’s not going to stop me. Maybe clinical rotations will… it really is a great feeling to pass considering how difficult the past week has been. So you know what? You live and you learn! I’m thankful to be here and I’m doing my best to become the best [insert specialty here] nurse I can be.

But that’s pretty much what the first part of block 11 was like!  I vlogged a part of it so check it out aboveeee! The second portion is called Community Health /Public Health nursing and it’s not too bad so far. There’s this group project that leads us into the community health clinical rotation so it’s important we do well. Look out for a future post where I’ll talk more about the project! 🙂

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psst… hi! so if you guys were wondering… for some reason, the blocks are numbered out of order and I have no idea why. I went from block 7 to block 11 and next is block 10, I believe. Weird, right?



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Holy crispy chicken nuggets, where did 2017 go? It’s almost 2018 and I can’t help to think that I’m getting old. Time is going by so fast and I can’t keep up!! Where did all this time go??? 👀 Today, I’m going to highlight some of the things that happened in 2017. Get to know me and let’s get personal!

First job!

In January, I started my first real job as a front desk receptionist at a doctor’s office. As a newly graduated college human, I got this opportunity from my mom who happened to know the doctor that owned the clinic. He was looking for a part time Mandarin speaking front desk assistant/receptionist. I’m not fluent at all in Mandarin but I saw improvement as months passed by. My job was to translate Mandarin and/or Taiwanese, answer phone calls, take appointments, take vitals, and/or centrifuge blood test tubes. I am so thankful for this opportunity but man, that job was a mess. I don’t think there was a day where I was excited to go to work. I worked part time but it felt so long and it didn’t help that my coworkers weren’t friendly to me. I don’t think I will ever understand why they treated me the way they did. I also dealt with a lot of patients who thought the world revolved around them. It got frustrating but it taught me how to be patient with people and how to get creative with solutions in dealing with different situations. It was challenging at the time, especially when I had to translate it all but I learned a lot about the healthcare system. One of my favorite moments was when I had the opportunity to speak Taiwanese to some of the patients and they would have a shocked expression on their face! Taiwanese isn’t a popular language amongst individuals my age, especially American born citizens. So that was always fun…teehee. 🙂

Despite the challenges, this job made me realize my passion for patient interaction. Even though it was exhausting, I found myself loving the patient interaction more than sitting around doing office work. This lead me to my career choice! This year, I discovered nursing and worked my way up to apply for it. At first, the application process was very confusing but I got through it. My struggles inspired me to blog about my nursing school experience so that I could help future nursing students.  I took Anatomy & Physiology I, and did way better than I expected. I also took the TEAS exam, which I studied really hard for and again, did way better than I expected. Applying for nursing school was a headache but in the end, I’d say it was worth it. 😉

Every end has a new beginning!

In May, I walked across that graduation stage. At first, I didn’t want to because I thought I would be walking across it alone. But at the same time, I worked so hard for my five seconds of fame so I decided to do it. Because I had been gone from college for a semester, I didn’t know who to ask to sit with at graduation. It may not seem like a big deal but I really wanted to graduate with people I knew. I awkwardly messaged one of my friends from my pre-health fraternity and she gladly said yes to sitting with me. Graduation day came and turns out I sat with a lot of my fraternity brothers and sisters and it was a memorable day. (spoiler alert: I didn’t trip!) My brother also drove from Nevada to LA to Merced to attend the ceremony, which made it 10x better. My best friends, who I was supposed to graduate with, drove down from the Bay Area and it was like we never left. I hadn’t seen some of them since May 2016 so it was like a mini reunion! I miss them all the time. I reflected on my college experience here!

Getting into nursing school!

In June, I found out I got into nursing school and it was the best day of 2017. I felt like I had the slimmest chance of getting in because my gpa was wack, my interview was merp, and the only thing that probably could save me was my TEAS exam score. For once, I felt like I had my life together and that everything was gonna be okay. Also, I could finally quit my job! You have no idea how much I wanted to quit that job but I needed a good reason to and nursing school was one of them!

I quit my job at the end of August and I was a bit sad. I struggle with change and even though I hated my job, quitting was difficult. I said goodbye to my boss and coworkers and walked out feeling empty. Two weeks before my family vacation, I fell into some kind of deep sadness. I don’t know why I became like this but I didn’t want to eat and I didn’t want to get out of bed. Sounds dramatic, right? I felt so lost and anxious and there are some emotions I just can’t put into words. I felt alone and felt like I lost my purpose. I spent the last 16 years in school and that was my purpose. Then my purpose after that was to go to work and do my work to my best ability. But during the time between the end of a chapter to a new one, I started to doubt myself. I started to feel extra lonely and insecure about my future. Social media also did not help at all. Seeing other people’s “happiness” made me feel worse about myself. Why can’t I be like them?

Calm before the storm..

At the beginning of September, I went on a two week long cruise with my parents. It was kind of like the “last hoorah” before nursing school. I didn’t have wifi/cellular data for those two weeks and that was probably one of the best things that could happen for me. Instead of getting caught up in what other people were doing, I focused on what was happening in front of me. It was like a social-media-cleanse and it was great. I saw some of the prettiest things Mother Nature could offer in Alaska. You could see it here if you’d like! When I came back from Alaska, I felt refreshed and much much better. I was ready to move on with my life and got excited about starting nursing school. I spent the next two weeks getting ready to move out again for nursing school and I got my braces off!

Bye bye braces!


I finally got my braces off after 4 years. It took forever because of my difficult tooth. A lot of the new people I’ve met don’t know this but I grew up without one of my front teeth. It wasn’t until sophomore year of college where it wanted to finally come out. It was just late to the party! I got braces again to open up the gap and got surgery to expose the tooth 💸💸💸. My orthodontist attached a chain to the newly exposed tooth and slowly pulled it down. After many visits and adjustments, I now have “perfect” looking teeth! YAY! I’ve never felt insecure about my missing tooth until recent when I realized that the people I know now don’t know my story. So when they see my pictures from a year ago, they just see a girl with a missing tooth. Some people find it funny but this was a very expensive tooth and if it had grown out like it was supposed to, we wouldn’t have this problem. Thanks for nothing, Mr. Tooth!

Goodbye California, hello Nevada!

Ahh it was time to move out again. I moved at the end of September and this time, the change didn’t hit me as hard. I was moving in with my older brother so I at least had a familiar face. I also now have two lovable dogs that follow me around the house. Their smiles are great stress relievers! It was still difficult to say goodbye to my parents as they headed back to LA but having my brother around made it easier. My parents love that we live together because now they can come visit both kids at once. You’re welcome, parentals!

I love living with my brother because I have a sense of independence but when I need help, he is there for me. Super duper thankful! ❤ But he won’t let me leave after I graduate so I guess I’m not leaving any time soon… oh 🐳!

I started nursing school at the beginning of October and it was a weird transition to go from traditional schooling to online/hybrid schooling. But after some adjustments, I got used to it and here I am 3 blocks later. I’ve written about some of my experiences in past blog posts! These are some of my favorite ones (here, here and here)! Time goes by fast, doesn’t it? I met some pretty awesome people and made several memories already. These people make nursing school less sad. Some of my favorite pictures are up there!☝

In December, I officially became a Nevada resident. I surrendered my California license plates and received new Nevada ones. It was a hard goodbye to my license plates but as always, every ending has a new beginning. Merp I’m gonna have a hard time looking for my car for the next two months. I’m going to be a Nevada resident for a while but who knows what the future will hold for me? But for now, that’s the plan!

Goodbye 2017!

I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good one! Here’s to all this learning and hopefully I don’t die in school. *fingers crossed* Also, I start clinical rotations very soon and I have a feeling that this is what we’re going to look like:

 Accurate or nah? HA!

Look out for my “first day of clinical” post to read about my first 12 hour shift! It’s happening soon!!!

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Week… idk I lost count. (Dec. 04 – Dec. 15)

Welp. These past 2 weeks have been hectic but it’s finally winter break. This is literally what my calendar looked like:

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.58.26 PM.png

It was assignment after assignment along with lab stuff weaved in between endless reading assignments. So while I was worrying about the lab sterile technique video assessment, I was also tryna keep up with the module readings. But honestly module readings were future Tiffany’s problem. Let’s get through the video assessment first and then catch up on the rest. I’m not sure if that was a great idea but I really needed to practice my sterile lab techniques.

Lab check off day was not as bad as I thought. We had to go into lab at an assigned time and demonstrate a lab technique. This time, we were instructed to collect an urine sample and take out the catheter from the mannequin. I got an easy professor so I only had to talk my way through it and fake it. And that was pretty much it! Technically we had to talk about the documentation for the procedure but he signed it off and I was good for that.

The next day was dooms day pt. 2! It was video assessment day! I briefly explained in one of my past blog posts but basically we had to pick out a lab sterile technique out of a hat (foley catheter insertion or wound care). I felt iffy about both techniques but I went in with the mindset of “do whatever you think is right and don’t over think” because whenever I overthink, I usually end up being wrong. I think the trickiest part about these sterile techniques isn’t the actual procedure but more of trying to not cross the “sterile field”. During the video, if you cross the sterile field, meaning if you contaminate, you automatically fail. No pressure, right? And with 4 open labs and 1.5 hours each, I did not feel prepared. But I tried to practice outside of lab. Instead of reading for the modules, I spent many nights practicing on my imaginary patients. I stood at the island counter in the kitchen since it was the only place in the house where I can stand and do the procedure like in a hospital setting and I did the whole thing from beginning to end…over and over again. My older brother jokes that I run a hospital for ghosts in his house. Maybe this is why my brother’s dog keeps barking at the wall. My hospital is popular!! Dooms day pt. 2 came and ruh roh…

We were assigned into groups of 3 and I decided to go last. At this point, I was like, “I’m ready, let’s do this.”

Narrator: She was not ready…

I got wound care and that required way more hand hygiene practices than catheter insertion because every time you took off your gloves, you had to perform hand hygiene. For some reason, I kept forgetting. Luckily, if you notice you forgot something/did something wrong, you can say “call light, reset the moment” but nervously anxious Tiffany kept saying, “reset the call light” umm…what? As if things were already going downhill, my cameraman forgot to get the q-tips and I didn’t notice before the camera turned on.

Backstory: for our wound care kits, there’s supposed to be Q-tips for the procedure but for some reason, it’s not in the kit so during the video, we ask our camera man for the q-tip and verbalize, “these are usually in the wound care kit but in this case, they’re not. These are sterile and I am now putting it in my sterile field.” …or something like that.

Ok back to story time. So she forgot the Q-tips and I didn’t realize she didn’t have them so when I said that, there were no Q-tips in sight. I froze. Literally if you see the video, I have this dead look on my face cause I NEED THOSE Q TIPS. So my camera man was looking for the q-tips behind her and I was thinking, oh my goodness i’m going to fail because of these stupid q-tips. #seeyouatremediation By the way, the Q-tips were located at the front of the classroom and I was in the back of the classroom. So I ended up raising my hand and saying “call light!” and the professor came and gave me the two Q-tips I needed and I continued with the video. Deep breaths Tiffany. Deep breaths. Everything will be fine, just continue. I got through the video and I was just glad it was over.

After, I had to write a documentation note about the procedure and then self-grade my video. While watching my video, I was half cracking up and half silently crying because of the Q-tips and the fact that I kept forgetting hand hygiene. Darn Q-tips. I went home feeling meh but I tried haha the worst thing that could happen is remediation. It took a while for us to get our video grades back but somehow I got a perfect score. I was shocked but I’ll take it! Thanks professor! But I lowkey wish I saw the professor’s face when he/she saw my dead ass face during the Q-tip incident. I thought it was pretty funny.

The last thing keeping me from winter break was assessment 2. Winter break was so close yet so far… But 👏 let 👏 me 👏 tell 👏 you. I had no motivation to study for this exam. I was behind on readings and my brain was on winter break mode but thank goodness for that study guide. This time, the study guide was 31 pages. YEP. you read that right, 31 long pages. Mother nature hates me. I’m not sure if the study guide was helpful but it was a nice guide to what readings I should do. I ended up looking at the study guide, reading the book for topics I needed more clarifications on and slightly taking notes on the margins of the study guide.

Dooms day pt. 3 came and I felt unprepared again. But this time, I didn’t feel like I was gonna have a break down during the exam. Somehow, I was calm. During the team assessment, I started counting how many I got wrong and I lost count. The whole exam was a blurrrr and I couldn’t remember what I put. I guess if I have to remediate then…thank goodness for that second chance. But luckily, everybody passed! Passing is 90% and above and I got a 98.33%. It’s a miracle! but YAY! FREEDOM!!!

Now that I’m on break, it feels weird. For the past few days, I’ve woken up freaking out thinking I have to do nursing school stuff but nope, my days consist of eating and watching netflix/hulu. Oh and lots and lots of sleep. I might have to be an overachiever and review for clinicals and block four, pharmacology. I heard pharmacology is gonna be hell so I wanna prepare myself for that. I’m not sure how I’m going to start studying for it but I’ll probably just gonna read that drug handbook they gave us at orientation and make flashcards or something. …just watch, none of that is gonna happen cause netflix/hulu and eating are priority.

I will be driving back to LA on Monday or Tuesday to avoid tourist traffic but for now, this girl is signing off. Tiffany out✌

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and sighing with me. It’s been a long but fast two weeks but I’m glad it’s break. Do you have any questions? Let me know! I hope you have a happy happy holiday☃️🎄and don’t forget the shine bright, you’re beautiful ❤

Peace out.✌

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Weeks 3-5 (Oct. 24 – Nov. 10)

I’m on a new level of exhaustion like I never thought I’d be this tired. But block 2 ended today (Friday, November 10) and I’m happy to say, I passed this block! This block is called Health Assessment and we learned how to assess a normal adult. “Normal” is the key word because we only focused on the normal range values. We learned a lot of new techniques like taking vitals (temp, manual blood pressure, O2 saturation), feeling for pulses, listening to heart/lung/abdomen sounds and more! It felt nice to be learning “real nursing” things. For today’s post, I thought I’d highlight some of the things that happened this block.

Something new about this block was lab! I had lab every morning from 8 AM til 11 AM where we learned those new techniques I mentioned above. The first day of lab, we learned how to do vitals and one of the new techniques I learned was taking blood pressure manually. That was one of the most stressful things for me because I couldn’t get it right. I couldn’t hear the “sounds” you were supposed to hear and I was afraid that I couldn’t get it right. Luckily, google has some snazzy online simulations that you can practice with. I played around with the simulations and the next day, I walked into lab feeling more confident knowing what I was supposed to hear. The professors were also really helpful and encouraging! They reassured us that we’d improve over time and they were right. I never thought I’d be able to take blood pressure manually. It’s a great feeling, ya feel?

We also had to do presentations in lab. We were assigned partners/topics and each day a different group would present the assigned technique. My partner and I were assigned cardiac assessment, respiratory assessment, and peripheral vascular system assessment. We were required to make a handout and present how to do the assessment on a normal adult to our classmates. Our presentation included inspecting (looking), palpating (touching) and auscultating (listening) to each of the systems. We also borrowed one of our classmates and placed stickers on him to demonstrate where to put the stethoscope. It was terrifying! Public speaking and I are not on a speaking terms at the moment. Just imagine learning something two days prior and then trying to teach it to a bunch of students who are just as lost as you.. OOF. that was nerve wrecking.

I also experienced my first Simulation lab. It was on the last week of block 2 and I feel like it was a big “wrap up” of everything we’ve learned in lab. I think the most fun part about simulation lab was how realistic it felt. While I was in the room with the mannequin, I was so nervous but once I started talking, I got less nervous. Hopefully one day, there won’t be 52 pairs of eyes watching me do the procedure…maybe just 6 pairs of eyes but anyways, it was a great experience. It wasn’t graded so that was relieving. I just walked into the room, did what I thought was right, and walked out. I still don’t know if I did it right but let’s just hope so. One thing I learned is, if you’re wearing scrubs and you say things in a confident tone, people will believe you. LOL it’s true. ALSO, those simulation mannequins are so high tech these days. He had a pulse, a blood pressure, you could see him breathing, AND he was blinking. Not going to lie, it was a bit creepy but I got through it and it was one of the highlights of this block.

The scariest part about this block was the video assessment. A video assessment is basically a person filming you while you perform the techniques outlined in the rubric provided. For this block, we were required to do an assessment on a healthy adult. My mentor emailed us her script for the video assessment so I definitely used that to my advantage but changed things up to my liking. We practiced almost everyday and I attended every open lab to practice practice practice. I also practiced in the car out loud and talked to myself like a crazy person. But it definitely paid off because on assessment day, I wasn’t really nervous. I was mostly nervous before the camera turned on but once the camera turned on and I started talking, all the nervousness went away and I knew what I was doing. I kind of just shut the camera out and focused on the patient in front of me. We had to watch our video and grade it ourselves. And let me tell you, I WAS SO ANNOYED WITH MY DERPY SELF. AND MY VOICE LIKE OHMERGERD TIFFANY YOU’RE SO ANNOYING. haha But in the end, I accidentally left out two things but it’s okay, I still passed the video assessment! 🙂

AND finally… the big final written assessment. Our assessment was at 7:30 in the morning and it was pretty stressful. Block 2 was a lot of information. It included a lot of techniques but it also outlined some diseases and abnormalities. Now, the exam focused on “normals” but there is A LOT of normals in this block. So what exactly are we supposed to know? The professors put on a lot of webinars/live reviews but a lot of them touched on the basics like vital signs and the nursing process. So, what do we focus on? I mean in reality, we have to know everything to be an outstanding nurse but for this exam’s sake…and our ability to stay in this program, we all really wanted to know what we were going to be tested on. OOF, the night before the exam was a very stressful one. Exam morning came and it was pretty much a “here goes nothing”.

60 questions..90 minutes.. lets do this.

I’ve never been so unsure of anything in my life. I was so focused on the exam that I couldn’t even recall half the questions after the exam. So we did the whole exam process my school does and at the end, the professor announced that we all passed the exam. We literally all stared at her with a confused face. I personally thought she was kidding. But nope, she wasn’t. We really did all pass so… BYE FELICIA!

But overall, I really enjoyed this block. It was definitely more hardcore than block 1 and I am overly exhausted to the point where I take deep-sleep naps and wake up not knowing what day it is or where I am. (Tiffany is oriented x0). I feel like every time I finish and pass a block, it’s like jumping over a hurdle. Hopefully, all the way to graduation and passing the NCLEX.

Now that I’m looking back, this block was doable and I’m still proceeding into block 3: fundamentals of nursing. This should be a good one. It’s funny cause every time the professor sends out a new calendar, I print it out and stare at it cause everything is so freaking confusing. But once the course gets going, it starts making sense. And then the panic starts happening….

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my block 2 reflection and learned a little bit about what my nursing program is like. A little reminder that this nursing program is accelerated so it’s sped up like crazy but as you can see, if this dysfunctional girl (me) can handle it, you can too. It’s only going to get harder from here but I think if we take it one step at a time, everything will be okay.

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I hope you have a beautiful day and don’t forget the shine bright, you’re beautiful ❤

Peace out.✌

❤ , TIFF

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nursnig school

Today’s post is more of a personal one. I guess it’s more of a pre-nursing school reflection. It’ll be fun to look back and reminisce why I chose nursing as a career. So let’s back it up a bit..back to December 2016. That was the date I graduated from college with a bachelor degree in Human Biology. It seemed like everyone around me knew what they wanted to do and were on their way to get there but for me, I was completely lost.

I actually graduated college wanting to go into Public Health. It seemed like the job I wanted to do because ultimately, I wanted to make a difference in the world. But to be completely honest, what I saw of public health was based on two courses in college and after being rejected from an volunteer position from LA County , I realized that maybe public health wasn’t what I thought it was. So, it was back to the drawing board. Back to the healthcare setting that I knew and loved.

After being rejected from the public health volunteer position, I felt really down and confused. I think I was at the mall with my mom when I almost bursted into tears because I felt like a failure. I couldn’t figure out what to do with my life. I knew it had to be something that I’d want to do for the rest of my life because my worst fear is wasting time and money. My mom, being a nurse for over 40 years, was like, “What about nursing?” then she started telling me about all this nursing information and all the different paths you could take with nursing.

I was sold.

I realized that I really loved patient interaction. During my job at the clinic, I got to have a lot of patient interaction. Instead of being in a cubicle, I wanted to be up on my feet and to be able to work with patients to make a positive impact on their lives. Of course, there’s always going to be those unhappy, mean, and rude patients but the nice and appreciative ones always override them.

There is such versatility in the nursing world. There are different work environments a nurse can work in such as, hospitals, nursing homes, adult health care centers, and schools. Nurses are also constantly learning new things throughout their career as new advances and treatments are discovered, which has always been a passion of mine. Being able to educate people on how to improve their quality of life will be a staple of mine and leaving an positive impact on others.

All in all, I hope picked the right path and nursing is something I fell in love with. Program starts at the beginning of October and I’m scared af. But from all the good things I’ve heard, I hope it’ll be a rewarding experience.

Now that I’m walking on my own path, I want to end this blog post with this: Don’t worry too much if your original plans don’t work out. It may seem like the end of the world at that time but look around you. You’ll be inspired with all the things in the world and soon you’ll be on your way. It’s a good feeling, trust me.

As always, thank you so so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this long ass rant of mine. Stay inspired and keep learning. Stay tuned for more nursing school rants and vlogs! I hope you have a beautiful day and don’t forget to shine bright, you’re beautiful ❤

Shine bright, peace out.✌


❤ , TIFF

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UPDATE: Reflecting on this college stuff

Hello friends! I’mmmm baaacccckkkk!!! Sorry for being MIA but ya girl has graduated from cawledge! ERRR back it up a bit, I graduated in December 2016, but I finally got to walk across the grand stage this past weekend. I was trying so hard to not trip..

Graduated UC Merced with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology!

College was definitely an experience but I grew the most during those past 4.5 years. Merced is one of those towns in the middle of nowhere that no one talks about. I, myself, had no idea what Merced was until I got into the school. When I first got there as a freshman, I was definitely confused. There were cows everywhere.. agriculture everywhere.. there was even a farm with camels down the street from my school. CAMELS. like what?! And there was literally nothing to do in Merced. I wanted to go home. But I’m glad I didn’t. I met my best friends there, I learned to be more appreciative of the things I had because there were people who didn’t have much, I learned what a heartbreak felt like, and I experienced what it felt like to have people leave you when you needed them the most. But it all made me who I am today because I am stronger.

The hardest part about college was failing. It was the feeling of hopelessness when you spent hours studying for an exam and yet, you fail. Those days were the worst. I’m very open about my failures so yes, I failed 3 classes in college and withdrew from one. Withdrawing from a class made me graduate late, which was a bummer cause I didn’t get to graduate with my best friends. But the point is, I never gave up. Yes, I cried about it and completely felt like shit about it. But I got back up on my feet and tried again. I kept trying and here I am with this snazzy diploma that will bring me to my next destination. So what I’m trying to say is, don’t give up. Keep your eye on the prize and keep going. I never even considered changing my emphasis or my major. I was determined to graduate with the major I entered college in because ultimately, that was the direction I wanted to go.

…I miss college… cherish these four years or however long it will take you because you’ll only be 18-22 years old once. I miss my best friends and dreading class everyday. Now I just dread work haha!

You can do it! Believe in yourself. Remember to tell yourself that and to the ones you love. Stay positive and everything will be okay! 🙂 ❤

Shine bright, peace out.

❤ , TIFF

PS. I’m going to try to keep posting stuff on here but ya girl sucks at this blogging thing so.. heh ❤ And if you have questions about being a bio major or college in general, I’m yo gal!

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