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OOF it’s been a crazy two weeks! Nursing school is getting harder and harder and I don’t even want to think about what’s coming up next. But now that I’m reaching the end of “block 2” of my program, I thought I’d talk about how I got into nursing school. You know, before i forget the details and stuff… so let’s get started!

Once I decided that nursing was the right career for me, I started looking into nursing schools. I didn’t even know where to start so I googled “nursing programs” and a bunch of results came out and I was just overwhelmed. A colleague of mine advised me to go out of state for nursing school. (If ya’ll didn’t know, I’m from California). She said that the programs in California are super impacted and she was right. The wait lists were like 2 years long! No thanks, I want to get to nursing school ASAP! So I started thinking of places I would love to go and I thought of Nevada. It’s right next to California and not too far from Los Angeles. Like 5 hours?

Type click search and BAM.

I found a school that I wasn’t even sure was legit. I mean sometimes I come across websites/schools that aren’t really a real school. But I decided to do a little bit more research and I discovered that it was indeed a real school and they had an accelerated BSN program.

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program: aka second degree nursing program is for those who have completed a undergraduate degree and the required prereqs before enrolling.

I looked around the website to see if it was a program for me and eventually decided to put in my information for “more info”. About a few days later, I got a phone call and lowkey I let it ring. It was an admissions advisor from the school and she ended up leaving me an email telling me that I could call her and if anything, she would try again in a few days. I was nervous and didn’t know what to say. Heck, I didn’t even know if that was the school I wanted to attend. The next time she called, I picked up and I felt so nervous. But the admissions advisor was so easy to talk to! She asked me some questions and got some background about me. She told me everything I wanted to know and answered every question I had about the program. Even though all the information she told me was on the website, it was nice to be informed with information catered to my situation.

She had me send in my unofficial transcript to give me an overview of what I needed to do in order to be eligible to apply. She went through my transcript and told me what prereqs I had left. Turns out, I only needed Anatomy but I needed to get an A to have an eligible GPA. Talk about the pressure… She sent me a list of online anatomy courses I could take. Online courses were essential for me because I was working at the time and online classes are way more flexible. I picked one and rolled with it. (Spoiler alert: I got an A (98.7%) I was so excited!)

The next thing on my list was the The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam. It’s an exam used by many schools as an admissions test. I had no idea it existed until my advisor told me to take it. My advisor recommended buying a practice book so I got one from Amazon. Thank goodness for Amazon prime. As soon as it got here, I went ham on that Kaplan book.  I started from the first page and ended with the very last page. (click here for my TEAS tips). I walked into the exam half asleep and 4 hours later, I made it out alive. TBH I forgot how painful it was to sit still for 4 hours in a room with 30 other tired people. Damn.. how did I do it in high school?

Well that was done and the anatomy course was done… what’s next?

The application cycle finally opened up and my advisor sent me the link with a detailed set of instructions. I forgot how draining school applications were. Even with the set of instructions, I was so confused and lost. Eventually all went well and I finally got my application done. One of the applications was through the universal application called NursingCas and the other was a supplemental application through the school. Hit that SUBMIT button and fingers crossed. Wait, no.. I still had to submit my TEAS scores and order official transcripts. That was so confusing as well. I think I was out of the school application system for too long. I don’t know, something about this application was so confusing. Through many nights of loud sighing and silent crying, I finally sent in my TEAS scores and transcripts.

Now it was the waiting game, which was accompanied with many sleepless nights. I think it was about a week later that I received an email saying that I got an interview! LIKE WHAT?! ME? AN INTERVIEW? Now it was loud yelling that gave my mom an heart attack cause I swear she thought I was dying. Sorry mom… But yes! I got an interview and that was probably one of the best days ever along with my other …best day evers… it was a very good day..okay?

I went ham on research on possible nursing school interview questions. I took notes and wrote answers to the most common interview questions. I was not going to let this opportunity go to waste.

Then comes the exciting but dreadful interview. OHH that was one heck of an interview but I’ll save the details for another blog post. This one’s getting a bit long. Thank you so much if you’re still with me. But damn, those questions they asked were wayyy different from the questions I prepared for. When I got out of my interview, I wasn’t sure if I was even going to see that school ever again. I blew it, I messed up. Sad life. Loud sigh…

Don’t you hate it when you leave an interview and you start replaying the questions and then you think of ways you could have answered? I do. And I couldn’t sleep for days because of it. But eventually I had to tell myself that whatever happens, happens and it’s not the end of the world. I was going to find out in about two weeks and if I didn’t get in, I could just try again. There’s always a way!

Two weeks go by and I’m driving to the post office and suddenly I get a text from my friend (who I went to the interview with). “OMG DID YOU CHECK YOUR EMAIL?” I’m sitting there like, holy crap. HOLY CRAP. So I rush home within speed limit because I drive like a responsible grandma. I ran through the door, grabbed my computer and started yelling nervously. My dads looking at me like, I can’t believe I raised this kid. LOL But eventually I said, ADMISSIONS LETTERS ARE OUT. I opened my email and there it was, the school’s decision email. It said, “Congratulations, You have been accepted to blahblahblah” OMG. ME? REALLY? I’m freaking going to nursing school!

And yep, that’s how I got into nursing school. Or I guess the the admissions process. My main point is, if you have the opportunity to talk to an admissions advisor, I highly recommend it, They are there to help you and guide you through the admissions process. It was especially helpful because I had no idea what I was doing. The admission advisors literally hold your hand until the first day of classes and I am so thankful for her. Even after being admitted and committing to the school, she still calls me to check up on my progress. I finally met her at the interviews and it was nerve wrecking. She finally met the weirdo she’s been contacting through email and phone. HEH.

Story time over, here are my TIPS with applying for nursing school!

  • Research lots and lots of schools! Even though I only applied to one (which now I think about was kind of risky and dumb) I still looked at many programs. There are actually a lot of roads that lead to an R.N. There’s got to be one that fits your needs!
  • Be patient! It takes a lot of patience when researching nursing schools. I was really overwhelmed at time and it got to a point where if I saw another nursing school requirements page, I’d go crazy. One step at a time!
  • Make a table of requirements! Researching schools and their requirements can get really repetitive and tiring. Many schools require different requirements so I recommend making an excel sheet or something to organize the requirements. If I remember correctly, some schools required microbiology lab!
  • Talk to an admissions counselor! If a counselor is available, you should talk to one! Requirements get really confusing at times, especially when the requirement sounds like the class you took but you’re not sure if it is the one they want. Ya feel? As I mentioned before, I sent my counselor my unofficial transcript and she told me what I had left for requirements. Super helpful! Or else, I would have been wasting time trying to take classes I already fulfilled.
  • Standardized test! Check with the school you want to apply to see what kind of standardized tests they want. Some require the TEAS, and some require other exams like the HESI. So check with the school to make sure you’re taking the right exam.

And that is pretty much it! This was a long post but thank you so so much for stopping by. Don’t forget to like, comment and hit the follow button to be notified when I post! Do you have any questions? Let me know down below and I’ll try to answer them to my best ability!

Today’s question is.. What is your dream job? Leave a comment below cause I’m curious! My dream job is a singer-songwriter, an interior designer, or a personal shopper. OR even better, a singer-songwriting interior designing shopper.

I hope you have a beautiful day and don’t forget the shine bright, you’re beautiful ❤


Peace out.✌


❤ , TIFF

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The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) exam is an exam that was created by ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) to assess whether an applicant is academically ready for health science programs like nursing. It consists of four parts: reading, mathematics, science and english and language usage.

Back story/fun fact/side track story: I had no idea this exam even existed. It wasn’t until I was talking to my admissions advisor that I realized that this test existed and I had to take it pronto. Not only that, there was a certain score I needed to qualify. WOWZERS the pressure was on. She recommended me to buy a test book and set a test date as a goal. I set my test date approximately a month and a half so I had 6 weeks to prepare. Then I ordered the first book with 4.5 stars on Amazon and went HAM as soon as it arrived. Thank you, Amazon prime!

When test day came along, I was so anxious, I didn’t get much sleep the night before, which is kind of bad because I was about to enter a 4 hour exam. Man, I forgot how terrible standardized testing was. How did I get through it before college? During the reading section (the first section), I was so tired and out of it that I read the passages at least 3 times each. The rest is a blurrrrr.. Somehow my test scores came back and they were pretty great. Better than I could ever imagine like who is this girl? It goes to show, if you put quality work into something, you will see a greater outcome.

Here are my tips on how to do well on the TEAS exam:

Buy a test prep book and use that to prepare for the TEAS exam. DO NOT TAKE THE EXAM WITHOUT STUDYING. If you do well, great. If you don’t, well that was a waste of $96… I got the TEAS Strategies, Practice & Review with 2 Practice Tests: Online + Book by Kaplan Test Prep (here). This test prep book wasn’t too bad. It was pretty thorough with explanations. You can register your book and there are more practice questions and exams on the site. I personally thought the review portion was great but the practice questions were way harder than reality. I guess that’s how they prep you for the worst, right? However, there are so many options out there to choose from. Pick one, study hard, and you’ll be on your way!

People also recommend the ATI TEAS exam prep book. I mean why not study the exam using a book written by the people who wrote the exam? Yeah…I wish I thought about that too! It’s $45 but the best way to review is to study off a book written by the test makers. You can also get prep book here!

Practice tests: ATItesting also offers practice tests you can purchase on their website. There are two versions and they are $46 each but if you purchase the package, its $82. Yep, it is definitely pricey but it prepares you with what to expect on the exam. The practice exams mimic the exam with the timing and difficulty plus it gives you your score and tells you what you can improve on. I definitely saw my score improve between practice exam attempts. If those practice tests are not in your budget, there’s a lot of free practice exam questions online. I definitely used those a lot before I dived into the ones I paid for. I will link some below!👇

Free Practice questions:

REEELAXXX: Relax the night before the actual exam. You’ve studied hard for the exam, now it’s time to relax. Do something fun but make sure to sleep reasonably the night before. And avoid looking at practice exams the night before. Let’s face it, if you haven’t studied enough by the night before the exam, then whatever you try to cram the night before isn’t really gonna help. Surrender your test materials!

The morning of the exam: Alright, you’ve studied, you’re ready, you just want to get it over with. I completely understand. But don’t forget to eat a balanced breakfast to get that brain workin. I also recommend bringing a snack for break time because if you get hungry, ya’ll gonna be hearing some whale mating noises. That’s too embarrassing and can distract you from your focus, which should be the exam. So pack a snack and a bottle of water cause hydration is also very important.

One last thing: Arrive to the exam site a bit early to find parking and the exam room. Take a deep breath, you’ll do fine. Now go rock that test! Have a beautiful day and don’t forget to shine bright, you’re beautiful ❤ Good luck!

Any questions? Let me know down below and I will try my best to answer them! I ain’t no pro tho. Let’s be real, I found out about the exam 4 months before my app was due. But this is what I did and here I am, in nursing school… 🙂

Shine bright, peace out.✌


❤ , TIFF


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